Facebook Fail-Log: December Edition

We always knew that little creeper was up to no good.

Last month we had painful irony, uncomfortable auto-correct, and a new generation of awkward family photos. What will this month bring? Let’s find out!

“Here’s a magic trick, I made any respect humanity had for you disappear.”

Yeah, we’re with Bladez on this one.

Well, at least you were leg-oh, wait, no…

The words “mixed message” seem a bit more than apt here.

Now, now, he could just be sexually confused.

Steroids? In basketball? Seriously, how thick is this woman that she doesn’t realize they only do steroids in baseball and football? Come on, lady, get with the program!

Or you could try…calling it? Maybe?

What makes this for us is that as this guy goes from “sympathetic” to “pathetic” to “thank God these people didn’t breed”, it turns his self-chosen middle name into the best Facebook punchline ever.

Hey, hey, hey, it’s Americans that are supposed to think you live a Third World hellhole, not the other way around! Get it straight! We didn’t spend years working on this smug cultural superiority for nothing!

We’re thankful we were in a better education system than yours.

To be fair, we wouldn’t want to admit you people were related to us, either.

Uh, wow, we think slime just literally excreted from the pixels in our monitor, looking at that.

Yes, your mom owned you. Get used to it.

See what we mean?

Yeah, we’re coming to you for literary criticism, lady. How was “Madame Bovary”?

That awkward moment when you admit you committed plagiarism in the laziest way possible.

Christopher, seriously, you’re a hero. Good for you.

“Walking Dead” has still been terrible lately.

“See, this is why I didn’t introduce you to my parents.”

See under: hoist by own petard.

Thanks. For sharing. So much. We’re just going to go over here and cry now.