Facebook And Instagram Went Down And Caused Everyone On The Internet To Lose Their Minds

03.13.19 4 months ago

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Every New Yorker alive in the summer of 1977 remembers what went down during the city’s legendary blackout, so maybe we’ll all be asked about what happened on Wednesday, March 13th — a.k.a. the day that both Facebook and Instagram went down for hours. Indeed, as of this writing, whatever’s ailing the two social media giants/timesucks has not been fully remedied. But you know what hasn’t gone down? Twitter.

The outage happened around Noon EST and affected Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The problem, as per USA Today? An “accidental traffic jam issue with a European internet company that collided with Facebook and other websites,” according to an engineer with network performance firm Netscout. There was no sign that the outage was caused by anything malicious, such as a cyber-attack. It’s simply something that happens from time to time. This one just happens to be more widespread and it’s taking forever to fix.

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