‘Facebook Law For Idiots’ Is The Perfect Response To People Posting Bogus Copyright Declarations

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11.27.12 3 Comments

The LIKE TOTALLY IRONIC image of the “We Built It” sign at the Republican National Convention is SO four months ago — the new thing to annoy all your Facebook friends with is regurgitating the “Copyright Protection Declaration” on your Feed, thanks to the good ol’ Berner Convention.

BUT, in case you hadn’t heard, it’s complete crap, and copy and pasting it onto your page will be met with at least 17 links from your friends telling you it’s complete crap, because who doesn’t love feeling superior to their buddies? Not I, says no one, so respond to their lack of Internet know-how with the “Facebook Law for Idiots” video below from College Humor, via Clip Nation.

If all it takes to claim something as your own on Facebook is to type, “I declare…,” why stop at photos and videos? *updates Facebook Status with I DECLARE ALISON BRIE AND GILLIAN JACOBS AS MY OWN NO ONE ELSE MAY LOOK. ALSO, I DECLARE CORGI PRESIDENT 2016* Done.

(Via Clip Nation)

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