Facebook Will Let You Pick A Return Date When You Close Your Account Because They’re Sure You’ll Be Back

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03.06.15 7 Comments

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Facebook is hip to the secret weakness that people reveal when they walk away from the social networking site only to return minutes, hours, or days later; resigned to the fact that they miss their friends’ pets and their co-workers who can’t even. This is evident by the new tweak that you’ll find next time you try to quit.

The social network now has a feature that lets you cancel your account, but not really. After navigating to the Settings page and then the Security tab, selecting “Deactivate my account” brings up a form you can fill out prior to canceling your account. A new option is now highlighted on this page, called “Auto reactivate.”

With the Auto Reactivate feature, you can plot out the exact moment (from one day to 28 days out) when you will make your low-key return following that farewell address wherein you mocked people’s use of social media as a crutch and proclaimed that you were going to “press the like button on life.”

I don’t understand why you would deactivate your account if you were certain that you were going to return, but a half decade on social media has taught me that it’s best to not question why people do what they do on Facebook, so you do you.

As for Facebook, they don’t want to lose users, and there’s no shame in that. Still, they could have just accepted the inevitable pull of their service and not remind us that we are pathetic, and that we’ll always come back for their jelly.

(Source: Daily Dot)

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