Watch The Intense Aftermath Of A ‘Failed Hijacking’ That Took Place Aboard A United Flight Monday Night

A United Airlines flight traveling from Dulles International Airport to Denver had to return to Washington, D.C. late Monday after a passenger allegedly rushed the cockpit claiming to have a bomb. The video above reportedly captures the aftermath of the incident: the alleged disruptive passenger screaming apologies as he’s being held down.

The event is being called a little bit of everything as reports pour in: from a “disturbance” to a “threatened hijacking” to a “failure to comply with crew instructions” to a “failed hijack.”

NBC News seems to have the most complete account of the situation:

Officials declined to release details about the nature of the disturbance, but one passenger aboard the Boeing 737 told NBC News that the disruptive flyer was tackled by other passengers after an apparent attempt to reach the cockpit, and then claimed he had a bomb.

Meanwhile, commenters on Reddit had a different take on the man’s shouting:

A United Airlines jet bound for Denver returned to Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. on Monday night after passengers pounced on a man who had yelled “Jihad! Jihad!”, according to commenters posting on Reddit.

In addition to the video above, photos of the incident have made their way onto social media, Reddit, and IMGUR: