This Man Trolls The Subway With Weird Fake Books And The Reactions Are Priceless

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04.08.16 2 Comments

The subway remains a place where most folks keep to themselves with iPods and books forming a welcome distraction. However, one guy silently engaged his fellow passengers by trucking out a library full of fake book covers in this viral video for The Chortle. The blunt knife of these literary selections carves a void of political correctness. Yet each title is so ridiculously over the top that no one could possibly be offended, especially when it comes to Gone Girl 2: Even Goner and an imaginary George W. Bush memoir styled after a certain O.J. Simpson book. Then there’s the really crude stuff like How to Hold a Fart In along with requisite selections about the male anatomy.

The reactions of these subway patrons prove they suspect something’s up, but they’re not quite sure. After all, no one seriously reads something called 1,000 Places to See Before You’re Executed By ISIS, but there’s a Donald Trump title, which plays on his tendency to say sexual things about his daughters, that is rooted in reality. Throughout the ride, passengers’ reactions range from truly shocked to completely amused. Folks snap some pictures, and this guy probably got Instagrammed a few times. Now, the absurdity of the internet has come full circle.

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