How A Fake Online Dating Profile Terrifyingly Almost Led To One Woman Being Sexually Assaulted

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A 25-year-old Florida woman was recently subjected to a scary ordeal that makes unsolicited dick pics look fairly innocent in comparison. The unnamed victim reportedly fled her home in terror last week after two men showed up at her house looking to act out a “rape fantasy,” which had been propositioned on the dating website, Plenty of Fish. However, it was discovered by police that the so-called dates had been arranged by another woman, 39-year-old Frances Lee Tapscott.

A criminal complaint filed for aggravated stalking states that Tapscott created the dating profile using the victim’s real name and photograph. From there, she allegedly took things to a nefarious level.

“The fake profile contained a request for an individual to come over and rape the victim, stating that she liked to ‘role play,’” according to the complaint. When the profile began to “receive comments from interested men,” Tapscott allegedly provided them with the victim’s home address and telephone number.

It’s unknown what Tapscott’s motive or relationship to the victim was. Tapscott is being held on $10,000 bond, which is likely nothing compared to what it would have been had her plan succeeded.

(Via The Smoking Gun)

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