A Fake Paris Hilton Tweet Is Getting More Attention Than Nelson Mandela’s Death

As with any great leader’s or celebrity’s passing, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a mixed bag of tributes, terrible jokes and just all-around asinine observations, as Cajun already pointed out with the passing of Nelson Mandela. But no joke is more terrible and no observation is more asinine than a Tweet that never existed and was therefore intended to be a farce, as people bought into a fake Paris Hilton Tweet about Mandela’s death hook, line and sinker.

From the second that the pictures of the Tweet started appearing on zany “comedy” Twitter feeds, anyone could have checked Hilton’s feed to see that her last Tweet had her landing in Miami, undoubtedly to be one of the world’s most awesome DJs and pop stars. But that takes too much time, and people can’t spare a few seconds and clicks of a mouse to find out if something is legitimate or not when there are fingers that need to be wagged in the name of vigilante Internet justice.

Sure, that certainly looks like something that Hilton might have Tweeted, given her history of being a seemingly spoiled, soulless and vapid emotional wasteland, but America’s sweetheart simply won’t allow her good name to be sullied like that.

You tell them, Paris. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to sit here and reflect on how depressing this list of trending topics is…

Sorry kids, Paris Hilton is more important than Christmas.

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