The Story Of The Woman Who Pretended To Be A Man To Seduce Her Friend Isn’t Ending Well

Gayle Newland. Gayle Newland. Gayle. Newland. You know you know the name, but you can’t place it. You might recognize her as Kye Fortune, or better yet, the woman who pretended to be a man with a fake penis so she could sleep with her female friend. Now it’s ringing all the bells.

A brief recap: Back in 2011, Newland, posing as “Kye Fortune,” sent a Facebook request to an unnamed female friend. They became involved and eventually spoke on the phone (Newland used a “high-pitched” voice). It took them awhile to meet, though, because “Kye” said he had been involved in a car accident and doctors found a brain tumor. Eventually, they set up a date at a hotel, where “Kye” told his lady friend to wear a blindfold.

They allegedly had sex “about 10 times” during multiple occasions. But things fell apart when, as the woman told the police, “I [sat] on the bed, he was standing up. Something in my mind said ‘pull it [the blindfold] off, pull it off.’ I just pulled it off. Gayle was just standing there.”

Gayle’s response: “It’s not what you think.” It is what you think.

And now she’s going to jail for eight years.

At sentencing, Judge Roger Dutton said Newland was “an intelligent, obsessional, highly manipulative, deceitful, scheming, and thoroughly determined young woman.” Newland claimed her accuser, also 25, always knew she was pretending to be a man as they engaged in role play while struggling with their sexuality. (Via the Guardian)

In a psychiatric report, Newland, who was in tears after hearing the judge’s sentencing, was identified as having “social-anxiety disorder, a personality disorder, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder.”

(Via the Guardian)