‘Fallout 4’ May Be Announced Next Week

There’s currently a teaser from Bethesda dropping a lot of hints that Fallout 4 is on the way. Currently, the site is counting down to December 1st at 3:35 PM Eastern, while simultaneously counting down to December 11th at 3pm EST. So what do know, and what can we infer?

First of all, here’s a detailed document laying out what the site has leaked so far. And if you want to get a better sense of the site itself, turn down your speakers and visit it right here. That annoying Morse Code message that loops translates out to:

Bridgeport (CT), this is Concord (MA), message: Quabbin Reservoir is hit, repeat, Quabbin Reservoir is hit

This is one of several dozen references to the Boston and New England area; one of the previous messages the site was broadcasting was tagged with the name of the nearby Air Force base, Hanscom. The Quabbin, if you were wondering, is the Boston area’s main source of fresh water.

As Fallout fans know, the Massachusetts area is known as “The Commonwealth” post-Vault era, and other ARG materials make reference to the Institute, the one safe place in the whole irradiated, war-torn wasteland. And it seems obvious the game will be set in and around the Boston area, if for no other reason than this seems to be the done thing, lately.

For me, I hope they get the details right. It’s kind of distracting playing a video game while your brain offers a running commentary on what the developers got wrong or had to change for the sake of drama. The Last of Us is a bit less compelling when you find yourself trying to figure out which T station that clicker fight is taking place in. On the other hand, all they really need to do is ensure there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts on every block, and it’ll be accurate enough.

(Thanks to Mr. List for passing this on!)