Family Of Man With Down Syndrome Is Suing For $18 Million Over Meme

There are two kinds of regrettable Internet memes. The first, which includes “Harlem Shake” and “Gangnam Style,” are unwanted because it’s hard to understand why they became so popular in the first place (unlike “Grumpy Cat,” forever the best). The second, more unfortunate group involves memes that aren’t all that funny and kind of make you wish the Internet would crawl back into the pit it came from. “Go Titans One” is one such example, and the family of the man featured in the image, Adam Holland, is suing a lot of people for a lot of money.

Adam Holland’s family are suing Florida-based radio station WHPT-FM, a Minnesota resident and the company behind an online sign generator after discovering the doctored photo.

In Holland’s case, a photo of him proudly holding up his work during an arts class for students with mental disabilities in Tennessee went viral. Taken in 2004, when Holland was only 17, a doctored version reportedly ended up on WHPT-FM radio’s website with the sign saying ‘retard news.’ According to the lawsuit, the family then discovered a sign generator website was using their son’s photo in a section called a ‘Retarded Handicap Generator,’ allowing users to modify and download the picture of the disabled teenager. It was also allegedly uploaded to Flickr by Minnesota resident Russell LaLevee with a “sexual reference.” (Via)

Suing over memes, eh? “Dear Mr. President, hey, how’s it hangin’? Haha, yeah. Anywayz, Insanity Wolf, that’s a whack ass meme and I hate it. I’m suing you for $47 billion. Payment due ASAP. Talk to u later, brah. xoxo”

(Via The Week)