The Most Famous Butt In America Posed For America’s Fanciest Magazine

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03.15.14 14 Comments

jen selter vanity fair

Vanity Fair is known for their fancy-schmancy coverage of all things British royalty (and by “all things,” I mean ALL THINGS — if you’ve ever wondered what kind of laundry soap Princess Diana’s servants used to clean her shower curtains, check out their June 1994 issue), but they’re not above making obvious lowbrow puns. So hats off to whomever stopped writing about Kate Middleton’s teeth to pitch “Rear Admirable” as the headline for a story about the owner of the most famous butt in America, Jen Selter.

That’s right. Selter is here to inspire. When fans recognize her #seltering—posing for her iPhone with a leg raised and buttocks in full focus—on park benches and subway stairways, they tell her she’s inspired them to go to the gym that day. And for that, it’s all worth it. Along with the knowledge that she has sent one more young woman to the treadmill, she’s also raking in sponsorships, free gear, and, most importantly, followers by the thousands. The catcallers, the X-rated commenters, the feminist critics, though? File them under #haters. (Via)

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I guarantee this is VF‘s most-read article since their thrilling expose on Elizabeth II’s corgi walker.

Via Vanity Fair, via Instagram

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