Farrah Abraham Has An 'Erotic Romance' Series Coming Out And Here's The Cover Art For The First Book

Farrah Abraham is back, everyone! I mean, she’s never really gone away, but now she’s got an “erotic romance” series coming out. Hooray! The series, called “Celebrity Sex Tape,” will supposedly document her personal experiences making the Backdoor Teen Mom sex tapes, I guess. Because what’s more titillating than erotic literature about a fake leaked sex tape which was horrifically unsexy in the first place? Sure, why not, if 50 Shades of Grey is a thing. Farrah told Fishwrapper:

“I was inspired to write a book about someone who went from being ‘normal’ to a reality star in the public eye. Book One: In the Making allowed me to explore my personal experiences over the last year while also branching out into fiction at the same time. Ellora’s Cave Publishing was the perfect fit for my first romance series because they celebrate women’s sexuality in a positive and healthy way. Starting the Celebrity Sex Tape series allowed me to transition my energy into a learning experience for me and my readers.”

I feel truly sorry for any woman that has a “learning experience” from an erotic book Farrah Abraham writes about fake sex. As promised, here’s the cover art:

What is even going on here? I am pretty sure every single component in this image has been individually Photoshopped together. Who is this guy? Are they even touching each other? The image quality and lighting are completely off. Also WTF is up with the bubbles? Is she supposed to be in a bubble bath because the bubbles look like they’re going right through her. Also, seeing “New York Times Bestselling Author” on a Farrah Abraham book makes me want to go stick my head in the oven.

Anyway, you can preorder from Amazon for $6.00. You’re welcome!