How A Bunch Of Flatulent Sheep Forced A Plane To Make An Emergency Landing

A Singapore Airlines flight traveling from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur had to make an emergency landing recently, when smoke detectors on board went off mid-flight. When the plane landed in Denpasar, it was discovered that the source of the problem had something to do with the over 2,000 sheep the airline was transporting in its cargo hold. Apparently, when you get a bunch of sheep together, the sheep fart and poop — as sheep tend to do — and the resulting build-up of gasses is enough to throw off the mechanics of on-flight smoke detectors.

But even if the sheep didn’t set off the smoke detectors, I can’t imagine that putting more than 2,000 sheep together in an enclosed space for a length of time would be an otherwise positive experience, either way. What I’m saying is, they’re never going to get that smell out.

Whoever was the mastermind of this bright idea could have learned a thing or two just by watching South Park:

(Via USA Today)