You Can Now Send Your Enemies Farts In Jars Because We Live In Magical Times


Do you have a beef with someone, but don’t want to commit to full-on sending a box of poop in the mail? Well, this new revenge delivery service claims to have the perfect solution… fart jars! The makers of Jarts, as they’re cleverly branded, promise to deliver your enemy a fart in a jar complete with anonymous note in just two to three days’ time. That’s right, if your coworker pisses you off today, you can literally have a jar of fart at their desk within 48 hours.

Jarts cost $10 per jar of fart and come in three “flavors:” 8-hr Trucker Fart, Hungover Frat Boy, and Competitive Eater. It’s unclear how they’re able to manufacture those exact bouquets, but I have a feeling, like with how hot dogs are made, the less you know about how Jarts are made is probably for the better.

(Via Kevin Allison)