Fashion Designer Feeds David Blaine To Sharks In Hopes Of Going Viral

When menswear designer Adam Kimmel wants to introduce his new fashionable goods to the world, he shuns the traditional lame, boring industry promotional vehicles like fashion shows in favor of making videos designed to go viral — like this one of skateboarders careening down a mountain while wearing his suits titled, “To Die For Suits.”

“I haven’t done a proper fashion show yet, so I do these presentations instead as a way to create the identity of the brand,” Kimmel told the New York Times recently. Kimmel, the husband of actress Leelee Sobieski, is obviously trying to create a brand that’s synonymous with baddassery.

So for his latest stunt, Kimmel found a willing accomplice in death wish-y performance artist/magician David Blaine, who famously trained himself to hold his breath underwater for superhuman periods of time. Blaine agreed to allow Kimmel to dress him up in a tuxedo and drop him into the Pacific ocean amongst a bunch of hungry great white sharks, with no cage or weaponry of any sort for protection, and set the footage captured by caged underwater videographers to music. The end result, “Dressed for Dinner,” is uncomfortable and insane, but stunning and beautiful at the same time. Enjoy.