Here Are The Most Scathing Twitter Reactions To The Fat Jew’s Vulture Interview

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The swift downfall of unapologetic joke thief The Fat Jew (real name Josh Ostrovsky) forges new territory on the Internet, where a simple cut-and-paste job often serves as a shortcut to original thought. Most of the time, it’s hard to police occasional Twitter joke lifters. In the case of The Fat Jew, his rampant theft without attribution has been so egregious that the term “schadenfreude” doesn’t even begin to cover Twitter’s delight at this guy’s demise.

In the space of one work week, this guy lost his lucrative development deal with Comedy Central and prestigious representation at CAA. Much of this progress came at the hands of a furious Patton Oswalt. Since losing the little cred he claimed, The Fat Jew gave a delusional interview to Vulture where he sort of admitted he didn’t source things up right, but there’s not a sincere apology to be found. Even if he did apologize, it would be one of those plagiarized apologies so popular with Shia LaBeouf. Hell, The Fat Jew even stole Shia’s game with all this plagiarism.

Shia has said nothing about this incident, but plenty of other tweeters are laughing at how The Fat Jew continued to bury himself with his interview. No one is happier than Patton Oswalt to see this guy go down fast:

Let’s get down with what the best of the rest of Twitter had to say following the interview:

One can always count on Kurt Loder to keep his commentary on point.

Still others expertly mimicked The Fat Jew with a “go-to example of His Good Jokes.”

Shia LaBeouf will be thrilled to receive some attribution in this scandal.

Many people don’t understand how The Fat Jew rode so high in the first place.

Absolutely no one is defending The Fat Jew, but if they were, he’d probably steal their supportive tweets without attribution.