The ‘F*ck That’ Meditation Tape Will Conquer All Of Life’s F*cking Stresses

Some people greatly benefit from guided meditation tapes. Others require a little NSFW language to work out all of life’s stresses. Comedian Jason Headley is here to help. This is exactly the sort of meditation tape that George Carlin would welcome.

Headley’s voice, while soothing, tells it straight to the listener: “Just acknowledge that all that sh*t is f*cking b*llshit — you’re here now, in this place, with your inner stillness […] If your thoughts drift to the three-ring sh*t-show of your life, bring your attention back to your breathing.”

The real selling point of this video is the mantra: “F*ck thaaat … f*ck thaaat …” Namaste.

(Via Mashable)