Watch This Female Comedian Absolutely Destroy A Sexist Heckler And Be Glad It’s Not You

British comedian Laura Lexx posted this video, taken at a recent stand-up comedy gig, in which she was rudely interrupted pretty much as soon as she hit the stage by a (probably) drunken heckler. You can’t always make out exactly what the man yells at the stage, but given Lexx’s responses, it’s obvious that the interruptions are decidedly sexist in nature.

Lexx is barely done introducing herself before the man yells out that he’s “miserable” when she asks the crowd how they’re doing, to which she nonchalantly fires back that it “might be his personality.”

A smarter person might leave it at that, but soon after the guy yells something else that leads her to respond, “Oh sweetheart, you expected that it would be a man, much like your sex life, is it?” She adds that she’s very good at her job, and that “the thing with stand-up comedy is that it’s a bit like sex with your missus, it’s just better if you let her get on with it on her own.”

Turning to the audience, Lexx remarks, “You know what I mean, don’t you? It’s just that with comedy, you just get into the rhythm and then you hear that voice coming out from the darkness, and suddenly it’s very hard to finish.”

Lexx deserves major props for how flawlessly she handled the situation with good humor, but apparently the gentleman still didn’t let up and was eventually asked to leave by the comedy club. She later recounted on Facebook that his likely mortified friends “refused to make eye contact with him as he was escorted out.”

You can chalk it up to one admittedly “miserable” human being, but unfortunate as it is, this is something female comedians in particular have to deal with on an all too regular basis.

(Via Laura Lexx Facebook)

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