Feminist Cthulhu Will Always Remember To Call You, Girl.

This made more sense to me at 5 am.

Hey girl, did you enjoy Feminist Ryan Gosling and Feminist Jay-Z but were left wanting someone a little, well, older and more distinguished? You can’t get older and more distinguished than one of the Old Ones himself, our boy C-Diddy aka Cthulhu. That may be why Kristen Bobst and Vickie Toro of Comediva envisioned a very smooth and respectful version of everyone’s favorite Lovecraftian nightmare.

Our favorites from their gallery — which were all photoshopped better than my awful picture above — are after the break. Truly, in his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming . . . of you, girl.

[Photoshop based on “Cthulhu’s Approval” by hwango.]

See the rest at Comediva.