Shirtless Horse Head Mask-Wearing Jogger Is Still Winning Hurricane Sandy, In Case You Were Wondering


Well here you have it, folks: the shirtless, horse head mask-wearing jogger who captivated a nation this morning has been identified and his name is Jimmy Kruyne, aka @howtoJimmyK on Twitter. And FYI, he’s still winning Hurricane Sandy after posting a pic of himself in the victory formation next to a screengrab of himself on his home computer.

Reports DCist:

Jimmy Kruyne, who bared his chest and donned that headpiece, tells DCist he just wanted to brighten people’s moods on a dark, doom-filled day. “Little spontaneous jogging hopefully put a smile on people’s face before this awful storm,” he says.

A storm-weary nation has turned its eyes to you, Jimmy, and you have delivered. Thanks.

In the meantime, UGH

(Via DCist)

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