Chewbacca Plays Peacemaker In This Fight Between Mr. Incredible And Batgirl

Senior Editor
10.22.14 3 Comments

I’m sure you want more details here and I completely understand. A Wookiee on the loose in downtown Hollywood is nothing to joke about. As Han Solo once said, a Wookiee can “pull a man’s arms out of his sockets if angered or slighted.” But in this case, Chewbacca’s playing peacemaker. Chewie just wants everyone to get along. So too does his pal Freddy Krueger. They’re the peaceful ones here.

But Batgirl and Mr. Incredible? Man, these two are just vicious—punching, kicking and scratching each other up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are the heroes we need. They aren’t the heroes we deserve.


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