These ‘Fight Club’ I Am Jack’s ____ GIFs Are Pretty Cool

During slow days on the internet I find myself checking in at the same places over and over again in hopes of finding something worth sharing with you guys instead of just going for a walk or taking a harmonica lesson like I should. In the process of doing just that today I’ve scrolled past this “I Am Jack’s ____” GIF collection from Tumblr Danyerys a few times and each time find myself enjoying them more and more.
Since we’re — holy sh*t I’m old — over a decade removed from Fight Club I find myself reflecting on it less and less, but thanks to intrepid GIF wizards on Tumblr I still get to appreciate the film more than I ever would otherwise. I wonder what The Narrator’s Jack reaction would be to Edward Norton’s role in the new Bourne reboot.
“I am Jack’s contempt for Mark Ruffalo.”
Source: Danyerys