Fight For Ooo With The ‘Adventure Time’ Gritty Reboot

Gritty Reboots is a self-explanatory series where delightful happy entertainments get turned into grim reflections of themselves. And considering they tackle Adventure Time, it’s only funny until you realize the show’s actually topped this in the depressing department.

Seriously, sit down and watch the three-parter that spans the end of the fourth season and the first two episodes of the fifth. It’s something of the same concept, and the writing team really knows how to twist that particular knife.

That said, this is still funny, it actually has some quite good special effects to it, and watching Lemongrab finally get bumped off is surprisingly gratifying. It kind of makes us want a live-action Adventure Time movie, except we’re afraid the writing staff would try to one up this. Or they could just turn the arc of “I Remember You” and “Simon and Marcy” into a movie, and leave anybody who went to see it an emotional mess.

Via Kotaku