This Is Just An Accurate Description Of A 'F***in' Cruise Ship'

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01.08.13 2 Comments

For any of you who have never been on a cruise ship here’s an amazingly succinct and accurate (and profanity-laden) description from vlogger Greg Benson who is currently on a kinda/sorta vacation.

The thing about a cruise is the boat seems pretty GD big to start off but after a day or two of wandering aimlessly you see the same things over and over again until you feel like you should start saying hello to the old guy you just walked by for the tenth time but instead you just order another drink and wait for the next opportunity to gorge yourself or dock somewhere that was way more exotic in theory.

Oh yeah, the video. Ice cream bars are legit.

More Harold here.

mediocrefilms2 via Gawker

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