Finally, ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Gets Its Most Requested Villain

Batman: Arkham City left a lot of plot threads dangling. And, in fact, one story in particular was simply picked up in the middle and left without explanation or resolution… and we’ll get at least one part of the story later this year, courtesy of Batman: Arkham Origins‘ new DLC.

We don’t know much more beyond the image below. But that image, courtesy of the official Batman game Twitter feed, is fairly explicit:

If you’ve played the last two games, you might remember that they hint at a fairly complicated relationship between Batman and Freeze. Freeze isn’t in the first game; he escaped prior to that game’s events, and apparently stayed out until he was dragged to Arkham City. And there, he was both the best boss in the game, arguably the entire seventh generation, and one of Batman’s key NPCs. Dialogue between them indicates there’s a bit more to their relationship than just Batman beating Fries up and dragging him back to Arkham.

So Batman: Arkham Origins actually getting into that material is pretty welcome. In fact, the image drops a much bigger and nerdier hint than just the ice crystals in the shot; fans of Batman: The Animated Series might remember that the episode that reinvented Freeze involved one of his targets accepting a humanitarian award. Coincidentally, that was the first episode directed by Bruce Timm and written by Paul Dini.

Let’s see here: DLC that turns the game into, essentially, a playable episode of the best Batman TV show ever. Yeah, that should move a few copies. This’ll be arriving in 2014.