Finally Coming To The Movies: Captain…Canuck?!

This weekend, Captain America made $65 million and had nerds everywhere breathing a sigh of relief. It also has suddenly inspired dozens of production companies to rip it off for profit, and the most obvious of these will be the movie of Vindicator Captain Canuck.

I’d like to say I have an affection for the comics, having read them when I was a kid, but I don’t. There’s a reason these comics have never been consistently published: they’re terrible. They make Canada look like they have a raging inferiority complex because we have Captain America and they don’t. “Oh, yeah? Well, we have a superhero with a patriotic outfit that looks silly too. And…and…he got his superstrength from aliens. And in 1993 Canada is the strongest nation in the world! So there!”

Anyway, Minds Eye Entertainment has optioned Captain Canuck for a motion picture, and we’re a little surprised the Asylum didn’t beat them to it. We look forward to this movie: we’re sure it will have all the superb production values and brilliant writing we’ve come to expect from Canadians getting their hands on potential franchises without the resources of a major studio. Look what it did to for RoboCop!

[ via the misplaced patriotism fans at the Vancouver Sun ]