Finally, A Website That Randomly Chooses Nicolas Cage Movies For You On Netflix

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01.06.14 9 Comments

Nic Cage roulette

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be a little daring with his Netflix instant viewing, then Nicolas Cage Roulette might just be the website that you’ve been waiting for. Taking a page from the now-defunct “Cage Your Queue,” which once allowed us to automatically add every Nic Cage movie to our Netflix queues, Roulette allows Cage fans to have one of his films selected at random for streaming. Even better, the website has two buttons, with one for all of Cage’s movies and the other for just his absolutely delightful action films.

Of course, there’s one little problem with this humorous idea – there aren’t that many Cage films currently available for instant streaming on Netflix. When I tested Roulette out, I pulled Stolen three times in a row, so thank goodness for Malin Akerman.

Either way, what better way to enjoy the man’s 50th birthday tomorrow than by randomly watching Face/Off or Seeking Justice? It’s just a shame that Netflix doesn’t have The Wicker Man available for instant streaming.

Walked out

Oh snap, that’s a burn…

Wicker Man Burned

From the bear punch, Nic.

Wicker Man Bear Punch 1

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