Crazy Finnish Guy Ramps A Dirtbike Off A Mountain

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A video without any context other than being a stunt by a “Crazy Finnish Guy” popped on Reddit today. Thankfully, the commenters brought some details, like the picture above taken from the stunt guy’s GoPro camera and the picture below of the ramp. Commenter Kaikkonen claimed, “That base-biker is my friend. He is somewhat professional in what he is doing. Can’t wait for whole movie that SFT is working on as we had army of dslrs, gopros and such recording. Ramp is here and bike is still alive and didn’t retire as we expected. Got some damage of course.” Here’s the ramp in question.

This is madness. Thankfully, both the “somewhat professional” base-jumper biker and the KTM survived the fall. The bike is a two stroke, so you just have to take out the spark plug, drain the cylinder, change the fuel, and let it dry out. Then you buy a bigger seat to cradle your GIANT CAJONES.

Then again, this behavior is reportedly common in Finland:

We’d like to believe that comment was left by this guy:

Also a typical commute.

Check out the video of this typical Finnish commute below. Man, if that chute had opened a second later the jump would have Finnished him. *bike horn*

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