Firefly Is Revealed In The Most Ass-Kicking Heavy ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Trailer Yet

08.21.13 6 years ago 12 Comments

Well, everyone pretty much called it — Firefly is indeed going to be one of the assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Firefly, mainly because I like to cheer for the underdog, but also because of fire! Fire, fire, fire!

Hit the jump for the latest Batman: Arkham Origins trailer, which has a lot more than just Firefly going on in it…

Definitely the best trailer so far — although that new Batman voice is badly lacking in Kevin Conroy-ness. So, who’s the next assassin? I say they just add a few fluttering moths to the Firefly character model and give us Killer Moth.

via ComingSoon

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