How Useful Is Wolverine Anyway? ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ Knows.

We’ve been featuring comedian Pete Holmes’ sketches here for quite awhile. We did a round-up of his Batman parodies, and we enjoyed the one featuring Patton Oswalt and Holmes’ response to Ben Affleck as Batman in Good Will Batman. Now he’s branching out of Batman territory and stating what some of us have always thought about Wolverine: how useful are his powers to the X-Men, really?

Pete Holmes stars as Professor X in this sketch which debuted at New York Comic-Con and is now finally online. It has better CGI on the claws than the ones in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The dialogue is a huge improvement, too.

“Where did I come from, though?”

“No, you’re not hearing me. No one gives a hot sh-t.”

“But where did I come from?”


These “Ex-Men” segments will be a recurring sketch on The Pete Holmes Show, on TBS after Conan starting October 28th. Hopefully they’ll finally answer the question that has so far been left unanswered. Harvey Dent. Can we trust him?

(H/T: @PeteHolmes)