First Graphic Novel Headed To Screens (We Hope)

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If you’re not familiar with Will Eisner’s “A Contract with God”, then you’re not familiar with comics history. “A Contract With God”, in addition to displaying Eisner’s incredible sense of graphic storytelling, is also the first graphic novel, telling the story of tenement life in New York City during “challenging economic times”. Yeah, that’s right, the first graphic novel was the kind of graphic novel you pretend to read while actually buying “The Essential Ant-Man”.

Considering the fact that it’s got powerful visuals and an Oscar-bait story, you’d think it would have been adapted by now, with some middlebrow hack getting all arty on it, but apparently not. No, instead we’ve gotten Frank Miller claiming he respects Will Eisner while taking a big fat dump on “The Spirit”. Seriously, take anything fun about “All Star Batman and Robin” out, throw in “Sin City”, and you’ve got “The Spirit”. It makes us long for that crappy TV movie starring Flash Gordon.

Well, Eisner’s finally got a shot at a decent movie based on his work, but unfortunately, they’re going to get cute with it, and have four directors tackle the four different chapters of the story, instead of just having one director actually make the whole movie, as if it were a four-part miniseries instead of a movie. This, of course, always ends well. Just look at the staggering success of, say, “Four Rooms”.

Personally, having met one of the directors, Tze Chun, and seen his movie, “Children of Invention”, they should probably just give the whole boat to him. He’s basically done this story, just with Chinese kids instead of old Jewish men. But we’re not big shot Hollywood producers. If we were, we’d also be making a version of “The Spirit” that didn’t suck and producing “The Dreamer”, which is the funniest account of how comics got started you’ll ever read. Also, we’d be seeing what Jewel Staite would be up to.

Mmmmm, Kaylee.

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