The First ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer Is Totally Serious, You Guys

Need For Speed is a movie that, almost of necessity, will not have much to do with the games on which it is based. Movies need plots, after all, and the plot of the Need For Speed games can be summed up with a classic ’80s line. So this trailer is mostly dedicated to telling us this is not a frivolous movie about wrecking cars and racing, but a serious dramatic film about wrecking cars and racing. People the movie wants us to like get hurt, you guys.

The director, Scott Waugh, is mostly known as a director for filing the serial numbers off Call of Duty and turning it into a movie, but he’s also an experienced stuntman. This also might be his bid for an Oscar, judging from the trailer.

Part of this is, of course, not trying to make this thing sound like a Fast and Furious knockoff, even though that is absolutely 100% what it is. For those wondering, Jess-er, Aaron Paul is out for revenge after some rich guy framed him. Apparently his revenge takes the form of racing cars across the country, and this so enrages said rich jerk he sends a bunch of assassins after our hero. You know, because killing a guy who likes to drive deathtraps at extremely high speeds isn’t something that will eventually take care of itself or anything. That has got to be a parole violation, if nothing else.

It does look fun, in that way of cheesy movies about destroying millions of dollars worth of supercars look fun, but the attempt to make it seem like a serious drama is kind of silly. Come on, it’s an action movie arriving in early March. Enough with the acting, let’s see more stuff blow up.

UPDATE: JeremyScheremy has pointed us towards a much better version of this trailer: