Rowan County’s First Same Sex Marriage License Has Officially Been Granted

While newly liberated Kim Davis did not return to her post at the Rowan County Clerk’s office Wednesday morning, claiming that she needed to spend some time with her family following her self-induced ordeal, the first same sex couple has officially been married. Less than an hour after the office opened Wednesday, San Francisco residents Mark Shrayber and Allen Corona returned to the county clerk’s office to file their marriage license, after applying for it Tuesday and later having the ceremony performed at nearby Morehead State University.

The couple praised the response of residents, some of whom ran up to hug them. Shrayber says it seemed many were embarrassed by the situation.

Shrayber says he’s disgusted Davis is becoming “a martyr for the cause.” He says: “We are in 2015. We are not burning witches anymore.”

If the name sounds familiar, Mark Shrayber is a contributor for Uproxx, as well as Jezebel, where he has been covering the story extensively. Attorneys for Davis say that she’ll return to work Friday or Monday but won’t say what she plans to do when she does return. Being that her employees are all too happy to dole out marriage licenses to couples — some even wearing T-shirts printed with the message “I am not Kim Davis” — and Davis is not likely to change her stance, the tension in Rowan County is not likely to cool down anytime soon.

(Via Yahoo! News, WCHS8)