‘First Sniff’ Is The Only ‘First Kiss’ Parody Video That Will Ever Need To Be Made

As soon as it was revealed that “First Kiss,” the touchingly beautiful video of strangers kissing for the first time, was a big, old phony created to sell clothes, we knew that it was going to be THE object of parody of the week, if not the month. Sure, enough the delightful “First Handjob” video came along and it seemed like the ball was rolling. But with this newest parody video, the bar may have been raised so high that nobody will be able to touch it after today.

“First Sniff” shows us what happens when two dogs are introduced to each other for the first time, and it’s just about the most ridiculously damn adorable thing that has ever been recorded in the history of mankind. Of course, I’ve said that of about six billion videos by this point, but just shut up and watch “First Sniff” already, because it’s amazing.

(H/T to Fast Company)