First Video Footage Of A Black Seadevil Proves Nature Is Terrifying

According to CNN, I’m never going swimming again. At least nowhere near Monterey Canyon off the coast of central California, where researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute recorded the first video footage of a living deep-sea anglerfish.

Commonly known as the “Black Seadevil,” the species is most famously known for its animated appearance in Finding Nemo. Sure, that was just a movie, but it was still f*cking horrifying. For some reason, all these scientists are crazy-excited about the find.

The institute located the fish on a voyage with Doc Ricketts, their remotely operated vehicle, during a “midwater transect.”

“This means we ‘fly’ the robot through the water at a series of different depths (10 minutes at each depth), and count all the different types of animals we see,” said institute spokeswoman Kim Fulton-Bennett.

These transects have been taking place for over 20 years, and the Seadevil was certainly a big find.

In other words, researchers at the institute have been looking for creepy sh*t like this broken-toothed female anglerfish for 20 years. That’s like chumming the most popular beachfront waters before Memorial Day Weekend. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?