The Five Best Gaming Pranks That Went Online Today

It’s April Fools Day, and as we all know, that means large corporations spend a surprising amount of money trying to get a laugh out of you with ridiculous promises. But amid the half-assed and dumb jokes, there were some genuinely great nuggets. Here are five of the best gaming pranks we saw.

Blizzard’s Patch Notes

Blizzard loves trolling its fanbase via lengthy and ridiculous patch notes, and this year’s gag is no exception. But honestly, it’s worth reading the whole thing. The jokes range from deep, deep WoW in-joke nerdery to a rather lengthy and funny Calvin and Hobbes reference. If we could actually hang out with “Nivlac” in his treehouse and play with his transmogrifier, we might actually start giving Blizzard money monthly again.

Optimus Prime DLC For Titanfall

Yeah, they could have gotten a better Peter Cullen impersonator. On the other hand, it’s pretty impressive how much work they put into modding the game just for a joke:

Come on, IGN. Release the mod files. You know you want to.

Rob Ford Invades Civilization V

This one suckered a lot of people because it was so credible. Also, this being the Internet, sooner or later, it will become a reality now that the joke has been made. You too may soon have a Doug Ford wandering your civilization, blabbering about football.

Arma III Goes Karting

We don’t want to embed this because honestly, you really need to go in cold. Yes, the fussy military sim is supposedly adding karting, but how the gag is delivered is a pitch-perfect parody of how dark games go light and fluffy.

World of Warplanes Introduces UFOs

Because nothing says “Absolutely serious” like careful renderings of a Nazi-piloted flying saucer. They even remade the site’s banner image to show a UFO-on-airplane dogfight.

Any good ones we missed? Let us know in the comments.