Five Mobile Games To Help You Survive The Holidays

Many of us will, as the sun sets on this day, be flying to visit our friends and family for the holidays. We’ll experience the joy, the laughter… and the crushing boredom of being away from our gaming consoles. Fortunately, most of us now have supercomputers in our pockets, with power unimagined just ten years ago, which we can waste playing video games. Here are a few mobile games to get through those holiday movies, parades, and drunken arguments.


From Halfbrick Studios, who you might remember as the Fruit Ninja people, Colossatron is a slightly different game; namely, one where you destroy the world. To do this, you attach modules to a giant robot snake. Get three of the same color, and the module levels up. Match two different colors, and you get new powers and abilities, most of which involve blasting things.

It can be a bit difficult to get used to the control scheme, at first, since you can’t really control said giant snake. But once you realize it’s a module matching game, and as the silly tokusatsu sensibility of the game cracks you up, you’ll be too amused to care.


The classic, atmospheric adventure game that annoyed the entire adventure game community in 2004 is now on mobile devices, and actually quite a good transfer. And it’s every bit as atmospheric and odd as its fans and detractors remember it being. It’s also a decent length, so that’ll help if you’re stuck in the living room with nothing to do.


A cross between an infinite runner, a match-three puzzle game, and an RPG, the only goal of this game is to get to 10,000,000 points. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Of course, you’re in a dungeon, full of monsters, and chests, and locked doors… and getting pushed off the screen means death… so you’ve got some work to do. Absurdly, relentlessly fun.

Anomaly 2

The “tower offense” game has a new multiplayer mode, not to mention the ability to level up your troops so that they’re mechs. You know, because the first one wasn’t addictive enough.

Magic: The Gathering

Yeah, it’s expensive for a mobile game, but once you finish the main quest, and start collecting cards to build your own deck, you’ll have plenty to do. Also, you’ll be staring at your phone so intently Uncle Bob will drunkenly annoy someone else.

Any other recommendations? Let us know.