Five Superheroes Who Really Deserve Their Own Game

When it comes to superheroics, really only the top tier get games, and most of them not even then. Wonder Woman has never had a solo game, for example, while Batman has had dozens, and Superman’s have all been varying degrees of weak. But we’ve advanced to a point where superheroes can have quality video games.

And we’ve got a few suggestions.

The Flash

Imagine a cross between a racing game and Mirror’s Edge. The physics would probably be a nightmare, but the Flash, being able to run up buildings and across water, seems ideal for the huge, open-world racing games we’ve seen recently. Add a touch of combat, his Rogues, and maybe the Time Treadmill and you’ve got all the ingredients of a fun game.


This goes especially the new Marvel NOW! team, but the series in general lends itself well to multiplayer co-op. You could have a game that’s a mix of Ghost Recon and Bulletstorm; shooting for those who want it, brawling for those who don’t, sneaking for those who want it, massive property destruction for those who don’t.


So he’s not a hero: Name me another character, aside from the Punisher, better suited to a third-person shooter or sniping sim. Deadshot makes a great non-hero for DC, it’s time he got the spotlight.


Just let Warren Ellis write the script, his way, and give us the final hallway fight. Everything else will be gravy. Although it does lend itself to a Borderlands-esque type game.


To be fair, it’s obvious why Concrete has never had a game. You can’t fake Paul Chadwick’s gloriously detailed and painstaking artwork, just like capturing the gentle, generous spirit of the books would be difficult for many developers to do. But a real-time adventure/puzzle game would be perfect: Concrete is a story of a man trying to use his abilities for good, and adventure games lend themselves to storytelling.

Art courtesy Nickofdoom