Watch: Florida College’s Anthony Allen Powerful Putback Dunk Rips The Rim Down

Don’t feel bad if the Florida College Falcons name doesn’t ring a bell. Located in Temple Terrace, Florida the words “basketball powerhouse” probably have never been used in association with the school. But that changed quick at the hands of freshman Anthony Allen.

During Friday night’s game against Warner University, Allen shocked not just fans but himself when he ripped the rim off the hinges while following up a teammate’s missed layup in transition. We can count Allen’s coach Jim Romkey among those who were blown away by the 6’6″ freshman’s show of strength. Per Yahoo:

“I’m still kind of stunned by the whole thing,” Romkey said. “It literally broke the rim. It wasn’t showing any wear. It just snapped the metal right in half. It wasn’t like these were 45-year-old rims either. The rims were put up three years ago when we put our new gym floor in. They were regulation.”

The game was delayed for 15 minutes while the rim was replaced as the Falcons went on to win 71-64.