A Florida Deputy Went Fishing And Ended Up Reeling In $12 Million Worth Of Cocaine

When you go fishing, and you cast your line into the blue waters (if you’re in New Jersey, the brown abyss) you cross your fingers and hope for a monstrous halibut, a juicy salmon, or if you’re lucky, a majestic swordfish. What you don’t expect is to find $12 million worth of the white, powdery substance Tony Montana liked stuffing into his cranium.

Thus is the tale of one Florida deputy — his name is being withheld for safety reasons — who went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico this past week only to reel in 50 pounds of cocaine. The deputy was off-duty at the time of the discovery, and it was made 25 miles off of Englewood Beach. Sheriff Bill Prummell commented on the situation, and provided an in-depth analysis that was astute on a variety of levels.

“We know cocaine is out there, we know it’s coming in through the waterways but it’s not something we see on a regular basis,” Prummell said.

Cocaine is out there. Well said, Bill. Following the find, the deputy contacted the U.S. Border Patrol. Agents are currently trying to pinpoint where exactly the payload came from and if anyone is searching for it. Time to break out the scuba gear, folks, and head for the Gulf.

(ia CNN/Review Journal)