Florida Fitness Model Goes Viral Due To Uncanny Likeness to Chun-Li From ‘Street Fighter V’

With the rise of the Comic-Cons and conventions in general came the rise of the cosplayer. Originally, cosplaying was something for uberfans to do while meeting up with other uberfans to express their affections for certain shows, games, movies and comics. Yet the rise of the conventions has seen the rise of the serious cosplayers. When I say serious, I mean people that put a ton of time, effort and money into making the perfect costume and can land contracts working for companies to help promote projects or even get paid for public appearances while cosplaying.

So imagine the surprise when the internet discovered what looked to be the most absolutely perfect cosplay of Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series, only to find out that said model had no clue who Chun-Li was. According to Kotaku, this is exactly what happened to a Florida fitness model named Natascha Encinosa. She posed for a photo wearing a dress and posted it on her Instagram in February, only to find herself going viral thanks to her outfit’s similarities to Chun-Li’s battle costume from Street Fighter V and her own impressively muscled legs.

Since then Encinosa has racked up a bunch more Instagram and Twitter followers thanks to the similarities. In fact, she’s living it up, even talking about potentially trying to cosplay as Chun-Li this time, not accidentally. It really is uncanny, though, isn’t it?

(Via Kotaku)