This Genius Went For A Joyride On The Lawn Of A Florida Detention Center

We hear about the illustrious, storied dumbassery of Florida often enough, but it’s less common that we get to view it with our own eyes. Hernando County Detention Center security cameras caught this video of a man doing donuts on the jail lawn Monday evening, but don’t worry, because South Florida’s NBC 6 reports that he had a totally good excuse for doing so.

According to a release from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, the driver, Michael Lee Roberts, drove his red SUV right up to the main entry and exit door at the detention center, parked and got out of the vehicle. Deputies notified Roberts that he couldn’t park his vehicle there, but he refused to move and attempted to keep walking into the detention center.

After arguing back and forth, deputies say Roberts got into his car and backed down the walkway, hitting a bench. Roberts then hit the gas and proceeded to plow through the lawn, making a full circle and ultimately slamming into a flag pole.

It’s really unclear what Roberts was hoping to accomplish with the stunt, but I guess you made your point, bro. I bet those officers will probably think long and hard before they ask someone not to park where they’re not supposed to park.

(Via NBC 6 South Florida)