Florida Man Arrested For Throwing Live Alligator Through A Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window

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Oh Florida, what would we do without you? In the past, the beautiful denizens of that great state have brought us a meth-filled joyride through Walmart and (of course) Zola. Now, we have a true tale of a man who through a live alligator through the drive thru of a Wendy’s.

As local station WPTV reports, 23 year old Joshua James went through the drive thru near Royal Palm Beach, largely without incident. But when his server handed him a drink, then turned her back, the youth took his chance and threw a live alligator through the window. He had been hiding the three and a half foot animal in the back of his truck.

If you find this too good to be true, there’s a picture of the alligator inside the restaurant, which you can see in the WPTV video above. The reporter on this story is also helpfully doing her standup inside a truck that’s presumably similar to the one that James was driving. He had apparently picked the gator up from the side of the road.

All of this happened back in October of last year, but U.S. marshals just now caught up the James. Authorities were able to use camera footage to identify him and place him under arrest.

(via WPTV)