Florida Man Who Facebook-Bragged About Selling Drugs Near A Cop Is Now In Jail

Well, at least we know who will fill the role of Terrible Drug Dealer at the Florida Man Convention (“Coming Fall 2016 to Swampbutt, FLA, just 30 minutes south of the Cannibal Mile”). Taylor Harrison, 21, was arrested in Port St. Lucie after he sold drugs to an undercover cop. How did they know he was a dealer? Authorities looked at his Facebook page, which included a selfie of Harrison “with stacks of drug cash and drugs, and a photo of an MCSO patrol car that pulled along side of him.”

Classic Florida Man blunder. And now the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is viral-shaming him.

These are photos of 21 year old Taylor Harrison of Port St. Lucie bragging on his Facebook page about his life as a drug dealer and how easy it is for him to sell drugs in front of our deputies.

The first photo Taylor took himself as he pulled alongside one of our deputies. The second photo is a selfie of Taylor with stacks of drug cash and drugs that he says he sells. Notice next to his car, is a patrol car.

The third shot is a MCSO undercover camera of Taylor selling drugs to one of us. He tells us, he is the best around.

The photo to the right is Taylor’s booking photo after being arrested for, you guessed it, selling drugs to our undercover narcotics detectives.

Since Taylor was kind of enough to share photos of us on his Facebook page, we thought we would share these photos of Taylor on our page. Taylor’s bond is $55,500. (Via)

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office would be really good at subtweeting.

Via Martin County Sheriff’s Office