Police In Florida Search For A Suspect Who Basically Meets The Description Of ‘Rocksteady’ From ‘TMNT’

And now for the most “meanwhile in Florida” story ever. Last week in the “Sunshine State,” police raided a Marion County home following a tip from a jailhouse snitch about a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and missiles being stored in a shed. The weapons were allegedly intended to be used against police due to ominous sounding “recent run-ins.”

After searching the property, authorities did not find the rocket launcher in question. However, they did turn up 22 firearms, two bullet-proof vests, containers of black powder, and illegal drugs — including over a pound of marijuana, crack cocaine, prescription pills, and other drug paraphernalia. Police took two suspects into custody, Christopher Conger and Jeremy Robertson, but at the time of this writing are still searching for a third man who may or may not be connected to said rocket launcher.

And he sounds vaguely familiar. Rocksteady? Is that you?

Authorities said they’re searching for a third man in connection with the case. They only know that the man goes by the name “Rhino.” Investigators said they don’t know whether Rhino has the grenade launcher or if it even exists.

Either this is the most elaborate guerilla marketing stunt ever for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, or just another day in sunny Florida. I guess we’ll know for sure if we hear anything about a warthog with a machine gun robbing a bank in the next few days.

(Via Orlando Weekly and WFTV9)