The Florida Teen Arrested For Impersonating A Doctor Speaks Out And This Story Just Gets More Insane

Yesterday, we brought you the story of 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson, the Florida teen who was arrested for impersonating a doctor at a medical clinic that he apparently founded. The story got even weirder when it was discovered that, in January of 2015, Love-Robinson had been briefly detained and questioned after he was caught roaming around another West Palm Beach hospital pretending to be a doctor. He was even allegedly peeking in on gynecology exams.

Not surprisingly, the story got picked up across many major media outlets due to the bizarre nature, and on Thursday morning, Love-Robinson spoke with Good Morning America about the charges against him. Let’s just say… It did not go so well. The teen is clearly deluded, as he states that he holds a PhD, but later admits that he has not actually gone to medical school, and that his only training consists of “shadowing” actual doctors (see above).

He goes on to say that while he may not have had eight, nine, or even 10 years of formal education, he has been studying “this particular field” (what that exact field is remains unclear) for “long enough to justify what he does” — which is not exactly what I want to see on a diploma hanging in my doctor’s office.

When asked point-blank if he’s a fraud and whether or not he’s been coached by a lawyer, Love-Robinson cut the interview short, bizarrely saying that he “doesn’t appreciate the way you’re portraying this interview to actually be” before taking out his earpiece and storming off. He also told ABC News that he plans to open another clinic when he gets this whole mess sorted out, so expect that this won’t be the last time we hear from this kid.

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