Florida Woman’s Driver’s License Says She Lives On ‘Eat Ass’ Street

The DMV is often regarded as one version of hell on earth. Apparently down in good ole Florida, The Department of Motor Vehicles is even more evil than you could imagine. (Insert feigned gasp of surprise here.) Yesterday, an Englewood woman received her driver’s license in the mail only to notice a glaring error: Her street address was listed simply as “Eat Ass”.

Surely, somewhere in the world there are streets bearing the names “Dick Boulevard”, “Fanny Lane”, and “Woody Avenue”, but I’m going to go out on the limb and say “Eat Ass” does not exist. Nope, not even the meanest, stinkiest, and crappiest Florida neighborhood would smear themselves with such a title. So, what exactly lead to this woman’s sh*tty new residence? The DMV’s not quite sure, but is looking into the matter.

“The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has numerous safeguards in place when customers conduct business with us to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information provided to us. We have opened an investigation into this matter to determine who and how this misinformation was provided. Using false information related to a Florida driver license or ID card is a crime, and subject to applicable penalties of law. We have already reissued the customer’s drivers license at no cost.”

At least she got a new license at no extra cost? After a shenanigan like this, it’s kind of hard to believe the Florida DMV actually rejected vanity license plates that read “I FARTED” and “POOP”.

(Via BroBible and Consumerist)