‘The Food Surgeon’ Plays God Once Again, This Time Marrying M&Ms With A Twinkie

Did you enjoy The Island of Dr. Moreau, but felt betrayed by the lack of candy-based experimentation in the novel and film? First of all, you may want to readjust your expectations for books and movies. Secondly, and more importantly, The Food Surgeon continues to serve up more beautiful and unholy alliances between snacks. Consider that void in your soul filled!

The most recent bit of experimentation comes courtesy of the world’s first ever (we presume) “M&M Spinal Disk Replacement In A Twinkie.” Big Pharma and Big Junk Food didn’t want you to know it could be done BUT IS HAS BEEN DONE! Using the expert precision and oddly mesmerizing technique we’ve come to know and love, watch as our culinary surgeon uses a scalpel to merge Twinkies and M&Ms into one glorious being. Thankfully, this particular operation didn’t involve Twinkies of the Key Lime Slime variety.

The clip is definitely worth a gander and our helpful Food Surgeon’s notes provide a valuable heads up on some of the video’s highlights:

Surgeon’s notes:

0:19 – I almost sliced off my finger.
1:21 – You’re welcome, OCD fans.
2:46 – There’s no way this isn’t going to be awesome.
3:27 – If I had a Twinkie twin, I hope it would be generous enough to donate it’s creme filling to me. Err, better yet, it’s whole body.
3:30 – For a brief moment, I contemplated injecting that creme straight into my face. #iregreteverything
4:15 – Patient is delicious.

Beautiful. Tasty. Dangerous. That’s the way to do it. And also the box description for a softcore porn on VHS. No sex here. Only strangely satisfying snack innovation.