Harrowing Footage Shows A Kitten Found Frozen In The Snow Get Brought Back From The Dead

In the above video, a contender for the annual GoPro Awards, a family spending Thanksgiving at a cabin in Bear Lake, Utah finds what they thought was a dead kitten buried in a foot of snow that had dropped overnight. The narrator’s brother thinks the kitten might be able to be saved, so he brings it inside near the fireplace, where he proceeds to perform CPR on the tiny creature for more than an hour, long after everyone told him to throw in the towel.

But his tenacity paid off, and eventually the kitten began stirring and opened its eyes, and was eventually able to make a full recovery. A neighbor was able to take in the adorable, blue-eyed kitty, which now lives in a loving home. If just a few more minutes would have gone by before the family had discovered it, the kitten would have surely perished. That’s got to be at least like, what — 7 out of 9 lives right there?